Julai helped again with the ending on this one! You can go ahead and assume that if it’s funny, she had something to do with it.

This week, I got the chance to talk to some very excellent cartoonists and artists, with the power of the INTERNET. Here are those folks and links to their projects:


Keith Mclean – Adventuresome

Kyatt — Beeserker

Evan Eshelman – Caveman Agent

Ryan Hudson – ChannelAte

Yidi Yu – Deadend-Detour

Justin Boyd – Invisible Bread

Edgar M. McHerly – Invisible Hair Suit

Alison Wight – Sent From the Moon

Brian Russell – The Underfold


It’s good to have friends! For more than several reasons, it’s very difficult to be a good webcartoonist without the internet. I’ll be adding links to these folks’ fine comics in the right side bar. Go ahead, check ‘em out and say hello!

Also, I posted a new blog today about my workspace, where the very same comics you read here start out as little dumb babies!!! Read all about it right here.