The Comic

Robbie and Bobby is about the indestructible friendship of a robot and his boy. It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Cartoonist

Jason Poland makes this comic. You can email him at jasongpoland[at]

The Cast



the Robot
An erudite robot equipped with a real brain and a genuine heart. During his free time, he follows intellectual pursuits like wine-tasting and writing Frasier fanfiction. During his not-so-free time, he balances the responsibilities of being the roommate, legal guardian and best friend to Bobby the boy. His origins are unknown, but the house is paid off, so nobody asks too many questions.


the Boy
This boy wonder quickly recovers from emotional and physical defeats like a mutant optimist. Rivaling his powers of peps are the limits of his imagination, which are off the charts. The mold was broken when they crafted this one, and there was no room left for wits or common sense, so he’s often the hapless prey for real and imagined dangers. Thankfully, he has friends.




Miss Bluestocking
the Scholar
Wise beyond her years, and too big for her bloomers, this self-educated schoolgirl is as headstrong as she is nearsighted. She’s crafty, cavalier, and convincing. With Bobby as her accomplice,  she once liberated a giant book from the library–by flooding the building with bathroom water. Even after all this time together, nobody can say for sure what’s her first name.



Princess Boy
The Magical Monarch
This pampered aristocrat stars in his own Japanese cartoon–which also happens to be Bobby’s favorite TV show. His face appears on breakfast cereal, sleeping bags, action figures, and even currency. His infinite wealth leaves him detached from reality, but it’s easy to have your head in the clouds when you ride a flying unicorn.


Doctor Dinkus
the Learnosaurus
Learnology is Dr. Dinkus’ favorite subject–he’s got a PhD in it even. “Every day is a chance to learn something new!” says Dr. Dinkus, who was always the last dinosaur picked in gym class. When he’s not learning, he cares for his invaluable assistant, Science Cat, and helps the awkward and socially challenged in his advice column, Ask Dr. Dinkus.



Magnet Bat
The Prankster
A wild magnet bat appears! Magnet bats range in size from tiny to gigantic, and their magnets pick up a variety of useful metal objects. Mostly, they steal these objects just when they are about to come in handy, (explains lost keys, money, etc.) but if you’re lucky, you might be around when they drop a rare treasure.



Adventure Turtle
The Quixotic Champion
“Slow and steady wins the quest!” Declares our hero in the jigsaw-patterned shell. Equipped with his jaunty feathered cap, his trusty sword, and those little boots, Adventure Turtle is ready to face any foe. However, what’s more likely to put an end to his quest are not his foes, but his friends. They’re all a bunch of lazy lotus-eaters!