Yesterday was so nice out, I had lunch alfresco. I always have my sketch book with me, and maybe it was the sparrows trying to eat my sandwich bread who inspired this lil’ gem. They certainly have an evolutionary advantage over grackles where cuteness is concerned. And apparently, are quite adept at other more subversive dealings.

Old news to some, maybe news to you: The archives are jammed with 300 new comics! I’m working my way through and giving them unique titles. During their initial printing at The Daily Cougar between 2003-2006, they were all “untitled.” How post-modern.

I’ve recently been informed there are a few repeats. Four out of four hundred ain’t bad, right? If you’d like to help beta test, please shoot me a message by clicking on the email icon in the right side bar. Send me the link to all the repeats, and I’ll decide which one stays. I’d be very appreciative, and I’d repay the favor in a nice drawing.

The next two weekends, I’ve got some upcoming shows in Houston, TX. Check out my new blog post for the specifics.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you this fun drawing by Mark Luetke of the webcomic 2816 Monument. Look at the way Bobby’s standing!  I should mix it up like this. You can convey a lot of meaning in a character’s posture.  Mark’s Captain Remarkable looks like he’s absolutely hissing in pure annoyance!

Mark Luetke - 2816 Monument

I’ve been a fan of Mark’s comic as soon as it debuted. It’s a serial comic, which I really dig. Sometimes I have mild panic attacks when I get too emotionality invested in the characters! Mark mixes three parts comedy, one part absurdity, and just a dash of drama to keep you tethered to the story.

Mark is also very generous with his insight. Check out his blog section for behind the scene looks at how he storyboards, colors, and does everything else it takes to produce a solid serialized webcomic three times a week. He also founded and moderates the comic_crits subreddit on reddit, which is a great place to get constructive criticism for your developing comics, or a new idea you want to toss around. Mark is truly the Gandalf of Webcartoonists.

So if you haven’t had the pleasure, start from the beginning and catch up with the cast of 2816 Monument. His link is always in my right sidebar. Oh, I almost forgot–Mark has recently celebrated his 50th comic, so congratulate him when you stop by! It’s a nice milestone in a webcartoonist’s early career.