(bonus panels!)

Duck ponds can be stressful.

Today’s two-panel bonus strip was written by Julai!


Next week Julai and I will be running away to an undisclosed location to elope. Hearts are aflutter, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be out of the country for the better part of two weeks, but Mon-Fri weekday updates will continue as usual.

Starting next Monday, I’ll be running a “classic” Robbie and Bobby story that’s never been published online. It’s one of my faves, and I hope you enjoy it, too!

Updates will be automated every weekday from December 3rd until December 19th, and I’ll do my best to automate the posts on facebooktwitter, and tumblr, too. If you don’t already subscribe to the RSS feed, that’s the best way to ensure you don’t miss a beat.