YES INDEED it is Friday, folks. Since our comic today is all about friendship, let me tell you about my cartoonin’ buddy: Austin Bedell.

Austin has been drawing comics for some time now, in fact, he drew comics for our high school newspaper, years before Robbie and Bobby were a cartoon duo. I met Austin’s cartoons before I met Austin the cartoonist. His comics were subversive and delightfully weird–they were an escape hatch from the daily hell of high school. I got a thrill reading them, and I was thankful that something so odd and peculiar was allowed to exist.

Austin’s comics were an early and pivotal influence.  When I drew the first Robbie and Bobby strips, I thought about the expressive inking in Skweegie Island and the perfectly round talk bubbles. “This is a comic!” I said, in so many words.

Outside the walls of that moldy high school, Austin’s exquisite strangeness still exists and his comics continue to inspire me. I want you to go see his comics right now. If you need further goading, I’ll share with you two wonderful Robbie and Bobby comics Austin has drawn.

Fan Comic by Austin Bedell

Austin loves to corrupt Robbie and Bobby even more than I do! I think the next party I plan will be a Falla Party, complete with robot parts, and spare limbs. And now, this next one is my favorite.

Robbie and Bobby Sound Cartoon by Austin Bedell
Austin drew this priceless gem for my last birthday. I am speechless whenever I make eye contact with it. I hung it above my desk, and I have to wait until I’m done working before I glance at it, so I can give it my undivided attention. I will never get over how great this drawing is. Thank you Austin.

And now, without further ado, Austin Bedell’s Skweegie Island!
*jubilant fanfare muffled by deafening cheers*