If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed a very handsome pixel sprite of Bobby as my avatar. The reason for that is this: Kyatt, the creator of the webcomic Beeserker, is developing a video game with Sugar Rockets that will feature Bobby as a playable character!

Scienceman Twins is the second video game based on Kyatt’s Beeserker. The game will feature 1-2 player arcade-style platform action in an infinitely tall science tower filled with rascals, wrenches, and collectable bees. The main characters are the titular Scienceman Twins, Orange and Yellow, but players can also choose from an ever-increasing cast of other “twins,” all of which happen to be real-life webcomic characters! Below is a screenshot of Bobby in action.


Bobby’s in good company. He’s currently joined by Peppermint, the green-haired science prodigy from Crazy Sunshine, and Dan, the short-tempered gamer from Blaster Nation. Who knows what other comic characters might visit the science tower?

The release date for Scienceman Twins is scheduled for July 2013, and will be free to play via the website. Until then, read the webcomic that started it all, and play Kyatt and Sugar Rocket’s first game, the aptly titled Beeserker: the Video Game.