Generosity is a victimless crime.

I just got back from Space City Con in Galveston. It was a blast! I went down there with my buddy Austin and our pal Whitney let us crash on her floor. It was a real Friendship Convention. I met some new faces at the con, and stuck around for some of the events, like the cosplay contest and the after party dance, aka Comics Prom.

This has been the earliest con in the year I’ve attended so far; I didn’t have any thing new to bring, but I did sell out of almost all my t-shirts. I only have large and small sizes left, (and one x-large for the Robot Heart design) You can help me clear out my stock to make way for NEW t-shirt designs. Actually, you’d be helping us both out. Let me help you help me help you!

I invite you to the cumbersomely-named: