I’ve never had a cellar or a basement, am I missing out? Apparently, Cold War era bunkers and missile silos are really trendy right now for 2012 real estate. I guess there’s a second chance for everything.

Last week, Julai and I were driving by a storage facility that specialized in wine storage–when does a person’s wine inventory exceed the space of their home? Sheesh, talk about living outside your means. That’s when she came up for the (very necessary) idea of off-site ice cream storage. There’s no pretention in having surplus ice cream. Those are the kinda people I want to be friends with! So that’s how today’s comic got started. I decided to draw a spiral staircase for some reason.

On an unrelated note, I just saw Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time this weekend. This is such a beautifully animated film, I was getting misty-eyed within the first opening scenes! I liked how the plot introduces this world where magic is happenstance, as if girls who work in hat shops are escorted midair by hunky magicians everyday.

I intend to read the book on which the movie is based–there are some really good characters in this! It was very inspiring story. I like the strong female lead–hat shop girl is really the hero in all of this! And of course, there is also Turnip Head, the coolest scarecrow EVER. And many others magical and non-magical characters who are just darling.

I’m kind of a sucker for a good fairytale, and this one takes all the marbles. Last summer, the Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston had a screening of the film, and I wish Julai and I had ditched work just to see it. You see, someone on the museum staff chose this film as an exclusive kids only style event, and picked a matinee time in the middle of the week to show it. From now on, I’m putting a “Will call in sick for beautifully animated feature length films” bumper sticker on my car.

So, have you guys seen Howl’s Moving Castle? Tell me what you thought! Or do you have any suggestions for awesomely animated films, or cool basement stories from the past? Whatever you got, let’s hear about it.