I want to draw another version of the top panel with a ridiculous amount of arms and hands. Maybe an arm just cooooovered in slap bracelets. Who knows!

I recently had the auspicious opportunity to draw a guest comic for Scott Ferguson’s Nerf This. So cool! Scott makes about a bazillion comics, all in color, and all hilarious. Since he draws so many different comics, there’s an update almost everyday; so while you’re there checking out all his classy strips, check out my first real life guest comic! There will be velocipedes. (Thanks Scott!)

If this is your first time here, welcome! Make yourself at home and check out all the neato things to look at here at Robbie and Bobby. There are over 420 comics in the archive, so there’s something! And I’ve got several blog entries about some upcoming shows, my desk, and an awesome webcomic I like called Beeserker.

Thanks for checking out my comics! I update five times a week, Monday thru Friday. I hope you find something you like, and come back again real soon <3

And on that note, I leave you with one of my favorite comics I drew from this week! It’s a two parter.

Cold Front