Happy birthday Rob Liefeld!

Today’s update is generously provided by Kyatt, the cartoonist responsible for Beeserker, the webcomic about a robot powered by bees.

I’m a big fan, and I love what he’s done here! Miss Bluestocking’s lil’ feet, Bobby’s wall-eyed expressions, and those pouches. All those pouches! (If you’re not familiar with the “works” of comic illustrator Rob Liefeld, this will get you up to speed.) I really appreciate Kyatt sharing his talents here, and I recommend following his work. Beeserker updates Tuesdays and Saturdays, and he updates his drawing blog, Burn the Internet, every single day. Now go point your eyeballs as his comics!

As far as what’s going on behind the scenes, I’m still recouping from 24 Hour Comic Day, which was a smashing success. My efforts there went into two new books that will be coming out in the Spring.

If you followed my tweets on Saturday, you saw some glimpses of Dungeon School, a collaboration I’m doing with Chris Sweet. There’s also The Ortolan, a watercolor comic book that’s been in the works for awhile now. That’s a collab with I began with Austin H. and Clint the Destroyer. Both books will be ready in time for STAPLE! The alternative media expo in Austin this Spring.

Now, I need to get back to work on my Robbie and Bobby book! I’m really liking how it’s turning out. It won’t be much longer until it’s finished!