(bonus panel!)

Today’s crystal comic is an homage to the hyper crystal man himself, William Cardini! He just came out with volume #2 of Vortex, an awesome comic about the ultra powerful space mage, Miizzzard. Check out a preview of Vortex #1 at Squidface and the Meddler. You can get both #1 and #2 in a nice combo pack at Cardini’s store.

William Cardini's Hyperlord

William Cardini draws badass crystal magics and melting monster battles. Get lost in the Hyperverse!

Comicpalooza is drawing near, and this year I’m honored to be tabling with Mr. Cardini! If you’re in Houston May 25-27, you should come by and see us. We will melt stuff for you with our comics magic.

Did anyone catch COOG Radio last night around 8 pm? I was on the air! Conner Clifton had me on his show and we rapped about comics, video games, and some of the secrets underneath the University of Houston campus.

It was so much fun, I’m going back as soon as I can. Next time, I’ll give you guys a heads up–as much fun as it was, there is no recording of the show to share with you! I’m pretty bummed, but Conner says we can reenact the whole thing again after Comicpalooza.

Hope you guys have a good week! Stop by here Wednesday, because I’ll have a cool surprise for you. (Other than these wonderful comics, of course)