(bonus panel!)

Apparently, Magnet Bat is a strict enforcer of Movember.

As you can see, I’m having a 12% off sale/giveaway for the next month. If you’ve been holding off on buying some books, shirts, posters or whatever, now’s a good time to treat yourself, and you could also get a free book out of it!

The secret password is: MAGNETBAT

I’ll randomly select one customer out of every 12 who spends over $12 for a free preorder copy of The Flying Castle book, which should be released sometime before the end of this year. Each prize will include all preorder perks, and shipping is free, of course.

Please note that orders placed after December 6th won’t ship until the 20th. I’ll be out of the country, so if you need a gift in time for the holidays, better order sooner rather than later!

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