I’ve been on a Klaus Nomi kick lately. After watching The Nomi Song, I think I brought him up in every conversation I had with Julai yesterday! Did you know in addition to being a classically trainer countertenor, he was also a pastry chef? This music video was my intro to Klaus Nomi many years ago, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t think there was anything ironic or tongue-in-cheek about Nomi’s music or his performances, and that’s what made him so hard for a lot of people to figure out.

Man you guys, I really miss Nomi… While I was missing Nomi yesterday, Julai made this Klaus Nomi puppet! He dances when you pull his string!

Ahhh I’m freaking out about how great this is. The details are so perfect–he even has a little pointy Adam’s apple! We’re going to make a music video with him. Just a janglin’ and New Waving all over the place.