They grow up so fast!

Earlier this summer, Julai and I saved a baby bird that fell from its nest. We took it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. The whole scene was real touching and stuff, but then there was another one we had to save! It was like we were nature’s social workers. We started joking what kind of unfit mother bird would let two kids in a row fall out of her nest, so here is a comic about that.

I just sent off the order for the Robbie and Bobby book! I can’t wait for them to arrive–I’ve never had a real book of my comics before, you know something that was made without folding and stapling, so this is a big hairy deal!

If you missed the preorder, don’t worry, they’ll be in the shop after mid November. And if you’re in Austin November 11-13, I’ll be at the Austin Comic Con, so stop by if you can, and I’ll have the book for sale there first. Hope to see you there!