The CVS by my house is the worst about this. Sheesh, get a clue you guys! I don’t really believe in flu shots–people think I’m a conspiracy nut when I say that. I don’t think they’ll make you have flipper babies or anything, I just mean I’m in okay health, so I don’t think they’re so imperative for me? Babies and old folks can have all they want. Tell ‘em I said so!

Anyway, enough about that. Wednesday I participated in Hourly Comic Day. You can see my results here.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been shipping out copies of the new book to all the cool comic shops. You should now be able to find books at Bedrock City on Washington Avenue in Houston, Domy in Houston and Austin, Dragon’s Lair in Austin and San Antonio, Austin Books, Quimby’s and Chicago Comics in Chicago, and Desert Island in Brooklyn. I’m also preparing a shipment to Velocity Comics in Richmond, Virginia. I’ll make a proper list and post it on the site soon.

Okay, I think that’s about all for now. I’m gearing up for convention season! Check out the sidebar for the dates I’ll be exhibiting. Do you guys want to see any new R&B merch? I was thinking about making buttons. Anything else you’d like to see?