As Chris says, “comics are very serious business.”

Chris has been working on a massive project he just debuted. It’s a color comic that’s over 200 pages! It’s called Effing Decaf, and it’s a comic about a frumpy bunny and his adventures skulking around a land of butts-nutts and dingle-whatevers. I recommend it with all my recommending powers! Start reading from the beginning.

He’s posting pages twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays. I’m impressed he’s got the discipline to work on this for over a year and keep it a secret! I’m just super impressed all over the place. You can also check out a bunch of Chris’ other awesome comics at A Hidden Little Door.

If you followed my progress during 24 Hour Comic Day, you may’ve seen a project called Dungeon School–it’s a collaboration I’m working on with Chris that’ll be out in the Spring of 2012. Chris will also be joining Austin Bedell and me at the Austin Comic Con in November. Hooray for comic friends!