(bonus panel!)

update 5/9/12: the first panel is now a glow in the dark t-shirt! Pre-order until May 23rd.

Wizard Magic Shirt

Last week I heard back from TCAF about their waiting list, but it was too short notice for me to go this year–it’s happening this weekend! I’m excited for everyone who’ll be there–did you know you can run into Keith Mclean? He’ll have a new mini book–find him and get it!

Chopper! by Keith Mclean

Keith makes good comics. Read this one. Yeah, nice and easy.

To celebrate the awesomness of TCAF, I’ll include a bonus sketch page when you buy a mini book, because TCAF is all about the mini books. Have you see this one before? It has comics I drew in 2009-2010, (pre Wacom tablet times) and also has the eight part story of how Bobby and Miss Bluestocking first met! Super nostalgic stuff you guysss.

Robbie and Bobby Mini Book