I tried this myself with some friends.

We didn’t learn new languages, but some unforeseen forces toppled our efforts. Such is the lifespan of monumental towers! (Note: an outdoor music festival is not an ideal setting for building a Lego tower, especially when a giant downhill slip n’ slide is set up right next to you, and it starts raining in buckets.)

Tomorrow, (October 29) Julai and I will have some art up in the Domy Monster Show in Houston. Here’s a sneak peek of what I made:

I found this lil’ guy in an old Dungeons and Dragons monster manual, and just had to draw him. Isn’t he precious? You’ll just have show up to see what Julai made. I promise you, it’s the sickest business you’ve ever seen committed to embroidery. I won’t spoil if for you, but we’ll take pictures in case you can’t make it. Yeah, I’ll tell you they are definitely NSFW. But you won’t be at work if you come out on Saturday night! Hope to see you there!