Today is Jorge Luis Borges’ 112th birthday. I’m a big fan of his short stories.  If he was around today, I think he’d be a big fan of the Internet. Speaking of which, the Library of Babel would have loads of fan fiction. It would mostly be fan fiction I’m afraid. If Borges only knew!

Yesterday I drew a comic that would make a good t-shirt design. (Technically, Robbie designed it!) Let me know if you dig it enough to wear, and I can silk screen plenty for the store.

– – –

Are you going to be in the Houston area this Friday? Come by the NANO Fiction 5th Anniversary Party! I’m showing a painting and the pages from The Sting and the Sweet, my new comic story that’s debuting in their next issue. My painting will be up for auction, and half the proceeds will benefit NANO Fiction. Come and say hello!