Awhile back, I mentioned a very excellent Western webcomic called The Next Town Over, in this this post here. Recently the artist Erin Mehlos ordered a copy of the Robbie and Bobby Comics Primer! It’s fun to draw fan art for other comic artists, so I included a doodle with the book I sent her, and she posted it on her blog! Check out my attempt at a Spaghetti Western joke–it’s a lark.

If you haven’t already, do check out Erin’s amazing comic, Next Town Over. It’s a masterful blend of Western noir, magic, and just a dash of Steampunk. Her colorful illustrations are incredible! I will write more about Next Town Over in the near future–it really deserves more attention.

I’d love to draw you some bonus doodles in your very own copy of the Robbie and Bobby Comics Primer–so if you’d like that, please pick one up in the store!

Also, I just wanted to mention again my first blog post about another excellent webcomic you may not have had the pleasure of meeting–Beeserker, the only webcomic about a robot powered by bees. Click here to see some fan art I drew for the comic’s artist, Kyatt, and a nice review of his work.