I’ve had the same Super Mario Bros. 2 wallet for so long, (gosh, nine years at least?) the holographic image of Mario picking up his mushroom has almost flaked off! It has become a raggedy thing. Picking out a new wallet can be hard–that’s probably why I’ve held on to it for so long, but I finally found one I liked!

Edgar R McHerly sells wallets with his warm n’ creepy drawing on them, so I got one! I can’t wait til it arrives, so I can put my library card in it. (That’s when a wallet becomes official.)

Edgar has a lot of other great things in his shop: prints, t-shirts, and he just came out with a button collection that is housed in silk screened cloth satchels. He does a champion job silk screening the tees he sell, too. I bought this one, and wore it three days straight when it showed up. I can do that sometimes.

If you have a shop that sells the stuff you make, let me know! I want to check it out.

P.S. I forgot to show you the fun drawing Edgar drew on my invoice! Here it is. How did he get it so accurate I wonder?