I don’t really know how Robbie can skywrite like that. And he also flys? He has so many powers I wasn’t even aware of!

Remember that weird comic I drew about the queen bees for NANOFiction? Well, that issue’s now on sale, and you can order one right here. I’m in the company of some excellent writers–all of whom have written super short stories for your reading pleasure. Bunch of good stuff in that there NANOFiction.

I’m going to be in Austin March 3-4 for STAPLE! which is a super cool comic book festival, so I am told. I wasn’t able to go last year, but I will be there for sure this year! You will probably hear me talk more about this when it gets closer. But in the meantime, check out everyone who will be there. So many boss cartoonists!

One last thing before I go: do you guys know any comic shops in your area that would be interested in selling the new Robbie and Bobby Comics Collection? They’re always for sale online, but it’s cool to see them in person at a real store. I dropped off some copies at Domy Houston, and will be visiting the Domy in Austin this weekend. Any suggestions are welcome! I don’t get out too much, but I know there’s some cool comic shops all around this great North America that might be down.