Speaking of books, the Robbie and Bobby Comic Collection is almost finished! It’s been “almost” finished for awhile now, but now it’s really really almost finished. It should be out in less than two weeks, Saturday December 17th to be exact.

If you’re going to be around Houston that day, you should come to the release party at Lola’s Depot! Julai’s emceeing the whole thing, so it’s going to be pretty rad. I’ll have books on hand, there’s going to be a robot cake, and also a drink named after Robbie? I don’t know what else, but it’ll be lotsa fun, no doubt. (psst: It’s also my birthday party!)

So, Saturday December 17th at Lola’s Depot 9 pm, got it? The bar is cash only and 21+, so plan for that. Okay, see you there, my wonderkids!