Thanks to everyone who has been reading Robbie and Bobby since my first strip in 2003! It’s been a decade since Robbie and Bobby had their first sunset chat on that hilltop. These nearly 1,000 comics were drawn between classes, after work, during lunch breaks and early mornings. So many early mornings. If it wasn’t for all the support, I wouldn’t be drawing comics right now. I also want to thank all the new readers and cartoonists I’ve met since I started posting online! The webcomics community is incredibly friendly and supportive. Also major thanks to my wife Julai, who left a note on my drafting table ten years ago telling me to draw a “cowboy vampire.” She’s been making my comics better ever since.

Robbie and Bobby Volume Zero

To commemorate the sunset chat that started it all ten years ago, I’ve put together the first three years of Robbie and Bobby comics into a 216 page PDF collection called Volume Zero: Sunset Genesis. There are 430 classic comics in there! You can also get a pay what you want PDF of the Earth Bear short story. These are my first PDF comics to upload on Gumroad.

Earth Bear

Right now there’s also a shipping sale on all books! Until September 2nd, all book and zine orders placed in the United States and Canada have FREE SHIPPING, and all international orders will incur only domestic shipping rates (up to $10 savings!) If you’ve been waiting to round out your collection, now’s good time to catch up!

Shipping Sale

The Comics PrimerVolume 1Volume 2The Flying Castle, and the pdf comics, Earth Bear, and Volume Zero comprise the current Robbie and Bobby comic library. I’ve never been more excited about making comics, and I owe it all to you! Yes, you, the person reading this right now! During the next two weeks, I’ll be putting together a few more little surprises.Thanks so much for reading. Here’s to ten more years of Robbie and Bobby!