I just got back from Zine Fest Houston, and it was a whole lot of fun! In my interview with the festival, I said that if comic festivals where Ninja Turtles, ZineFest would be Michaelangelo. My expectations were surpassed in this respect. I don’t know if a comic fest held on the roof of Khon’s bar could be anything but awesome. I was also invited to be on a discussion panel with Lindsey Simard of Weak Highlights, and Francisco Lo from Film Monitor! We had a great talk about self promotion and DIY publishing. I’ll post more about that goodness soon.

Phew! And this weekend May 27-29 is Comicpalooza Houston where I’ll also be exhibiting. I’ll have my mini books, a new t-shirt design, and some prints, too. Come and say hello!

I recently ordered Best Apocalypse Ever, an anthology of Brian Russell’s comic The Underfold. Brian has been making webcomics since 2008, so it’s quite a beefy tome, and very nicely printed. I’m learning a thing or two. It’s really great to see how a cartoonist’s style develops over a span of time, and Brian shares a lot of insight in his book. He’s a friend to cartoonists everywhere, and sent me a postcard of fan art that arrived on the same day as the book! I don’t know how he does it, but Brian also controls time. What a swell guy to use his powers for good.

Pretty snazzy, eh? I took Brian’s advice and sat in a cushy arm chair with a snifter of brandy and the biggest cigar I could find before I even cracked the spine on this bad boy.

Brian also whipped up a nice R&B comic:

I’ve never addressed Bobby’s mother as part of the Robbie and Bobby universe, so this raises some interesting questions, indeed. Whomever she is, she’s very encouraging of our little viking, which can’t always be said of Robbie’s disposition toward his young ward. Thanks for the comic, Brian!

Brian also made this Halo bonus comic which you may have seen if you’ve heard of a little thing called G4’s Attack of the Show.

Show Brian the nerd love and check out The Underfold. An alternative dimension populated by Brian Russells will sing your praise for eternity.