Jety Lefr helped me out awhile ago with my comic archives, so to repay the favor he wanted to see a comic with Robbie or Bobby riding a wizard giraffe. I think this giraffe is pretty wizard.

Now I’m going to ask my Dungeon Master if I can also have a wizard giraffe companion. He can help me reach all those hard to find treasures way up on the top shelf. And the magic, of course would be pretty cool, too. Ziff! Zam!

In case you haven’t heard, I’ll be in Dallas this weekend. If you’re around, come see me at Strip: The Dallas Webcomic Expo Saturday August 6th. I’ll have a table with my comics, shirts, and some new prints! I’m going to be speaking on a panel as well. Talking ’bout, talking ’bout, talking ’bout comiiiiiiics.