Zinefest Houston was a blast!

I had an excellent time at ZineFest Houston. The organizers manage to outdo themselves every year. Especially because I live here in Houston, I feel really proud of how it’s growing. This year has featured the most coverage: a spot on Houston public radio station KUHF, a preview in The Free Press, and a video feature on the FUHA web show.

It’s the first year that ZineFest has been held at Super Happy Fun Land, which I think is a good fit for what ZineFest is all about. There were over 40 exhibitors, so the space was cozy, but it made for a very friendly show. FRANDS!

A lot of folks came by to visit my table, which I shared with Rene Cruz. I was lucky to show up at the same time as Rene so we got to sit together! I traded my mini book with some artists I hadn’t met yet, and this stoic gentleman bought a Jughead shirt and put it on right away! That was a first.

This year I was invited back again to be on an artists panel with Maria H. and Lindsey Simard. We talked about what to do when you get bummed out about your art. (Hint: it happens to everybody! Keep drawing and try some new things. You maybe just need a challenge?) There was live music too, my favorite band was Say Girl Say. Man, can they harmonize.

I can’t wait til next year. Maybe there will be more programming like zine workshops? Are you in Texas? What might you like to see at ZineFest Houston 2013? If you have any ideas, or would like to participate next year, get involved! That’s what so cool about ZineFest Houston–you can really make it your own. That goes for zines in any city. There’s probably someone making a zine near you right now. It could even be you! Make zines make zines make zines. See you at ZineFest Houston 2013!