This is what’s referred to as l’esprit de l’escalier. I was trying to think of a visual pun about the literal staircase referred to in the epistemology of the phrase, but decided instead on this economic delivery. (Also, I can’t resist the beard-as-a-record-of-elapsed-time gag.)

If you’re into puns, wordplay, or thoughtful comics in general, check out Leviathan by Peter Blegvad. I discovered Blegvad’s comic in a hardbound collection, The Book of Leviathan, at a secondhand book store. During the 90s, these strips were printed in the weekly U.K. publication, The Independent.

There’s something wonderfully dark and observant about Leviathan; it’s like seeing the world through a university-funded observatory on the moon. One of my favorite strips illustrates the chemical and emotional contents in the tear of a clown.

If you click here, I’ve posted my first blog about another excellent comic you should be reading–Beeserker, with a bit of fan art and a review.